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Dec. 19, 2019

Difrent has gone from strength to strength and much growth has happened throughout the year. Jo sat down with Rach and Steve to chat about Difrent in 2019, the successes and learnings, and the aims for 2020. Ultimately, will they be able to sum up this year and the next in three words?

• Highlights of the year

• Rach stepping back from the business for medical reasons

• What it was like for Steve to lose Rach as a teammate

• What has been learnt in 2019

• Where Difrent finishes this year and is it where they want to be

• Visions for Difrent in 2020

• Where #TechForGood stands for 2020

• Summing up 2019 and 2020

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Recorded by Rachel Murphy Difrent CEO @rachel0404
and Steve Dhillon - Difrent Founder @steveDhillon
Recorded and edited by Jo Brown - Difrent Marketing Manager @jojojoeyjb

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