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Jo Brown
April 20, 2018

A Guy & 10 Digital Ladies

Have you ever been so overwhelmed you can’t sleep?

10 digital ladies

Well, yesterday I was. I spent my evening at the 10 Digital Ladies Awardswhere I am met some exceptional individuals who have contributed immensely to the digital world as we know it today. My name is Jamal and I’m a Deployment Consultant at Difrent, aka the new guy on the block. Wednesday was my first event with the company, which isn’t bad for my first week!
Not only is this my first predominantly female event but also my first female-focused one.

From picturesque views of an amazing location, endless champagne (highly important of course), to the eventful presentation of the awards, the night was a huge success. I looked around the room and realised how fortunate I was to be involved in such an incredible ceremony. As I moved around I networked with various individuals, from various backgrounds, all willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

The bit that had me most overwhelmed and pressed for sleep was the shared curiosity and genuine willingness to want to share. Throughout the evening there was an air of excitement around the room, you didn’t have to look too far to overhear thought-provoking conversations about digital transformation, AI, technical solutions and blockchain. I was really impressed by the calibre of nominees, our leader Rachel Murphy (of course) and Roselene Thomas for the one to watch award. The judges best summed up Roselene’s achievements…“Since finishing her Masters in 2011, Roselene has always been passionate about being an Entrepreneur and starting her own IT Company. She’s worked hard to build this dream herself without any financial aid or contacts, and she even spent several years working 7 days a week to build a decent investment. She now successfully runs teams in the UK and India. She will leave a phenomenal mark in this industry through her accolades and accomplishments!”

Not enough time is taken to appreciate how far we have come, we spend a lot of time on the back-foot, worrying about tomorrow’s deadlines. In a society constantly chasing an invisible or somewhat forever moving finish line, the 10 Digital Ladies awards was an excellent opportunity to stop chasing that finish line and evaluate the progress we have made on our course. If only for one night.

The moral of the story is nothing exists in isolation, life, people, technology and society are interconnected. Yesterday was a great example of that, taking the time to recognise some groundbreaking achievements from all the 10 Digital Ladies Award contenders.

After so much inspiration, I plan to engage myself in more of these amazing events and take all opportunities to remind myself that technology is about people and using these platforms to forge stronger connectivity and business value.

Despite all that excitement I did manage to get some sleep, because the beauty of the digital industry is it’s a moving beast, and tomorrow is another opportunity to make things better.

After all, it was a school night.

10 ladies

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