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Jo Brown
April 27, 2018

Boss Babies On Board


Having always been an interim and having never been through a ‘proper’ onboarding process in any organisation I had surprisingly strong views about how we would approach this with our new graduate hires. For me, they are very much the ‘baby bosses’ of the future, and I wanted their experience to be as awesome as possible which meant me and our Founder Steve needed to each take a week off from our normal stuff and provide an intensive plan for their first two weeks. I very much see it as our responsibility to set the right conditions for them to succeed!

We engaged a third party to help us trawl the market and find the right candidates for us to review in a day-long Assessment Centre before we moved them into a formal interview process. From an initial pool of 300, we scaled back and took 20 through the Assessment Centres and moved three into an interview process, hiring two of them — Jamal and Areesha.

baby boss

Despite the fact they have been hired as Deployment Consultants for our Resourcing business I believe it’s imperative that they know what it’s like in a digital world on the delivery side and I wanted to bring it to life for them. To me, doing this role right is much more than CV’s, LinkedIn Profiles and running ads on job boards! I wanted to immerse them in the work we are doing and the world of Digital. We are lucky that we have clients who are open to our Grads joining their ceremonies so they can see what we are doing, how we are doing it and how we blend with client teams.

During their first two weeks we have managed to get them exposed to;

  • Client meets with CEO’s, CDO’s, IT Directors across both the Public and Private Sector
  • Joining the Difrent team at the 10 Digital Ladies event
  • Attending a #OneTeamGov
  • Attending ceremonies across three different clients, public and private; standups, retro and a sprint planning

They have successfully:

  • Managed to sell the benefits of the Difrent Group back to Steve and me
  • Talked to a number of people who have/work for Difrent and hit the phones to talk to potential candidates
  • Told us our SEO isn’t great (no surprise as to-date all of our business has been word of mouth), they are working with our Digital Marketing lead to baseline where we are, create a plan to improve and share the stats weekly
  • Launched Difrent on Instagram
  • Added a proper bounce to the existing team

I’m looking forward to seeing them in action over the coming weeks; the last two weeks have definitely been some of my most enjoyable since I joined Difrent. As we’ve always said, Digital is about People, not just Technology!

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