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Feb. 4, 2019

4th February 2019, LONDON: Difrent, a leader in delivering impact for the ‘public good’, has partnered with Carruthers & Jackson, leaders within the data-driven transformation field. We are excited about this partnership due to how aligned Carruthers & Jackson are with our for ‘public good’ values.

Carruthers & Jackson improve data literacy across organisations through their education programmes, spreading good practice via their books and data community work as well as helping organisations improve their data maturity.

We see data as an essential part of the puzzle, most services don't use data to its full potential or fully address the risk it can pose - this partnership aims to reimagine that data, unleashing its potential for ‘public good’. Caroline has personally trained our team so we can build a firm data foundation for our digital transformations.

Rachel Murphy, Difrent CEO: ​I’ve said many times before, I've had a few bosses I have rated from start to finish - Caroline has always been at the top of that list. I'm delighted Difrent and Carruthers and Jackson have partnered to take the valuable work to understand data better out to market. Let's face it there is no transforming anything without first understanding your data! A marriage made in heaven 👍


About Difrent: We’re an industry disruptive team; passionate about delivering user-focused solutions that meet real business needs through people, not just technology. We have been delivering significant change programmes supported by technology for several years across Government and Health with impressive delivery experience working with; the NHS, Public Health England, World Health Organisation, Department for Education, Her Majesty Prison and Probation Services and the Department for Work and Pensions.

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