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Rachel Murphy
Aug. 5, 2019

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Welcome back to Rachel's CEO Diary, days 80-120. We jump straight into what's been going on over the last 40 days including:

  • Opening up NHS BSA with Overseas
  • NHS Jobs private BETA with a shout out to Scott Smith for the open show and tell as part of NHS Digital's Service Manual.
  • A number of key hires to help us bolster our senior capability
  • Frameworks drying up
  • Hiring into perm gaps - Delivery Director/Change Director going on the slow 
  • Decision making as a business 
  • Engagement across the business
  • Hard decisions 
  • How am I feeling having worked here for 23 months
  • Change/Transformation
  • Eye surgery

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Recorded by Rachel Murphy Difrent CEO
Recorded and edited by
Jo Brown - Difrent Marketing Manager

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