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Rachel Murphy
Oct. 8, 2020

Episode 4 Diary of a CEO: July to September 2020

Diary of a CEO: July to September 2020

Welcome to Rachel's latest instalment of Diary of a CEO.

Listen as Rachel updates on the crazy last few months and gets honest about what an acquisition really entails!

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What went well?

01:20 A scientific approach to bidding and remote pitching

03:43 Difrent’s acquisition by The Panoply Group

07:04 Face-to-face meetings with staff and clients

08:15 Watching Nic Carney and Merissa Brown at the Socitm graduation and Rachel’s relationship with Socitm’s, Nadira Hussain

Group picture of Difrent's Senior Leadership Team wearing masks

Image: Group picture of Difrent's Senior Leadership Team wearing buffs. From top left to right: Steve Dhillon, Rachel Murphy, Nic Carney, Charmaine Coleman. From bottom left to right: Randal Whitmore, Zoë Gould, Daniel Leakey

What hasn’t gone well?

09:40 The pandemic rages on and thoughts on building award-winning Home Testing service

10:40 Personal challenges with family members passing from Covid19 and illnesses (To donate to Rachel’s fundraising for cancer treatment in the USA click this link)

13:55 Difrent’s Founder, Steve Dhillon, left the company

Focus for the next three months

15:18 Moving out of London after 20 years

16:00 Hiring permanent talent for Difrent and building relationships within The Panoply Group

16:45 NHS Jobs going live and new projects and new clients

17:30 Speaking events including joining Matt Hancock at GovTechSummit, MOD, how it's all about people talking to people, and managing energy

22:10 Summing up the next few months

I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: J Lang, Morusque

Recorded by Rachel Murphy — Difrent CEO
Recorded and edited by
Jo Brown - Difrent Marketing Manager

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Sept. 8, 2020
Some exciting news from our CEO, Rachel Murphy

Difrent have been acquired by The Panoply, continuing our quest to transform health & social organisations for tech for good

Sept. 8, 2020
Defra and Difrent; a strategic Wardley Mapping partnership

Defra has appointed Difrent to partner with them to shape their strategic approach through our Wardley Mapping service.