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Dec. 21, 2020

Podcast: Finding the definition of purpose

Everyone has been through quite a lot this year. For Difrent, it has seen an acquisition by The Panoply Group and incredible work with the NHS, turning around a live service in just eight days!

Jo sat down with Rach and Neal (Panoply) to chat about 2020, what's been learned in 2020 from the good and the bad to hope in 2021.

02:03 What has gone well

06:30 Handling a business during a pandemic

08:53 What didn't go so well in 2020

10:40 What has been hindered by the pandemic

13:40 The differences between buying face to face and remotely

17:50 What's to come in 2021

29:06 What does 2021 hold for Difrent and Panoply

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Recorded by Difrent's CEO, Rachel Murphy, and The Panoply Group Founder, Neal Gandhi
Recorded and edited by Jo Brown

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