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Dec. 3, 2018


Adriana Caro, Operations Lead

What’s your background?
My background is in development economics and public policy. I worked for development banks and think-tanks on design & implementation of social projects in Latin America. To enhance my career, I obtained an MSc in International Business and a Master’s in development economics. Moving to London 4 years ago has changed things a bit for me, so I have been working to take the best from my background into the ever-evolving tech sector - I’m confident it will be great.

Describe your role at Difrent
I have been working for Difrent even before it was called Difrent! As a result, my role has changed a lot over time. Currently, I’m the Operations Lead providing operational support for finance functions, payroll, onboarding, and offboarding. I also work coordinating the company’s processes, procedures and initiatives.

Who are you outside of Difrent?
I have a very chilled life, and I love it. What I enjoy the most is watching movies and series with my fiancée. Love music, in particular rock. I’m taking drumming lessons to channel my inner Dave Ghrol with my home drum kit. The rest of the time I enjoy travelling, eating, hitting the gym regularly and sponsoring animals all around the world.​

Who would you invite to dinner, dead or alive?
I would invite my Grandfather on my Mother’s side. I’ve never met him as he passed away 6 years before I was born, but it feels like I do. Both my Mom and Gran have always spoken very highly of him; his principles, values, ethics and the love he had for them. He shaped both of their lives, and they’re the most important women in my life. I would just love to enjoy one night getting to know him and gossiping about my girls.

As this is a fantasy, it would be really amazing if my Mom, Grandma, Brother and future Husband could be part of that dinner. I’d expect my Grandpa to be incredibly proud of us all and happy for me to marry a man he would love and respect in a blink.


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