Introducing Emma Halliday, Senior Service Designer

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by Difrent
15 March 2021

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Emma Halliday, Senior Service Designer
Service Design | User Experience | Delivery

Emma Halliday, Senior Service Designer

Emma Halliday, Senior Service Designer

What’s your background?

Born in Glasgow.

Like many Service Designers, I was designing services before I knew there was a name for it and a whole field dedicated to it!

Whilst I was a student, studying Business Management at University, I managed a pub and restaurant. I would speak to customers and find out what they liked, where the problems were with the service, and do whatever I could to fix them. I would share the frustrations of customers with the team and we would come up with creative ways to solve them. Together.

It was a family-run business and the owners were so supportive in making changes, delighting customers, and seeing the impact small changes could make to loyalty and reputation.

From there, I realised good service comes from good design which is a conscious choice organisations need to make. The experiences that felt exceptional, felt that way because people had designed them to be that way.

Towards the end of University, I became increasingly passionate about technology and fascinated with how this could transform organisations if the right strategy was adopted. I married my two passions of good design and new technologies and spent 6 years with Atos in various design roles. I fell in love with solving problems on a human scale, working with organisations in both the public and private sector.

Describe your role at Difrent.

I have the awesome job of being a Service Designer.

I spoke recently with one of our clients about ‘Creative confidence’ and in essence, this is the ability to change the world around us. So many organisations yield to the pressure of competition and survival, fresh ideas can become stifled and the wrong metrics drive the wrong behaviors. Service Design completely flips that and gives a platform for ideas to be completely embraced, empowering people to make a difference whilst getting results.

With every client or project, it’s an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and get to know new businesses. Making things better, working with people, and being creative is exactly in line with my own values. This is why I knew I would be at home with Difrent. Despite the name Service Designer, designing services is a team sport and needs a multi-discipline team to flourish!

Who are you outside of Difrent?

I love trying new things! New places, new music and most importantly… new food!

Listening to podcasts/audiobooks whilst out walking is awesome because you feel like you have learned something AND got your steps in…bonus!

I love going to gigs and would just as happily go to a small up and coming band as I would a big name!

I have also recently started going kayaking with my Aunt who’s a Health and Safety officer so you can imagine there is a strict life jacket policy = even the dog has one!

Who would you invite to dinner, dead or alive?

So many! Prince, Mick Jagger, Cher, Jim Carrey, Lou Downe, and Richard Ashcroft.

And I would be first on karaoke!


Emma Halliday sitting behind her Aunt, kayaking

Emma Halliday sitting behind her Aunt, kayaking.


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