Introducing Ivan Ivanov, Workforce Coordinator

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by Difrent
12 April 2021

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Ivan Ivanov, Workforce Coordinator
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Ivan Ivanov, Workforce Coordinator

Ivan Ivanov, Workforce Coordinator

What’s your background?

Enthusiastic and committed professional with a Degree in Economics.

I enjoy implementing innovative business changes to improve efficiency and productivity in resource management transformation cycles.

Describe your role at Difrent.

I help Difrent to have the right people at the right time for our projects. This is an exciting role that combines strategic workforce planning, operation, and commercial in a delicate mix.

Who are you outside of Difrent?

I am an outdoorsy kind of guy. Can easily be found near water or on a bike.

Who would you invite to dinner, dead or alive?

I’d invite Steve Jobs to dinner.


Ivan Ivanov watching a swan

Ivan Ivanov watching a swan


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