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Oct. 18, 2018

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Jamal Walker, Deployment Consultant

What’s your background?
I've always had a thing for interacting with people, an inquisitive mind with an eagerness to know 'why?' As well as 'how?' I guess that's what led me to a psychology degree and then a Masters in business psychology. I had a stint as a junior service manager, which was a great opportunity that taught me how a service is maintained and transformed. I then explored management consultancy and built up a reputation for being “the closer” I became really passionate about making an impact on the clients and organisations I would support. Impact is everything; I measure my performance against the impression I leave, the energy I exert, it’s all about moving the dial that little bit further every time.

Describe your role at Difrent
“nobody knows, cares or understand what I do until I don’t do it” Joking, slightly dramatic but I’ve always wanted to say that.

I think of myself as a trouble-shooter, I guess the appropriate answer is a consultant. I have a hand in deployment, which means I play a key role in ensuring that all our projects (external and internal) are resourced. I am also a business analyst in the making, working on transitioning our internal processes as well as externally by working with our clients to help identify requirements and provide solutions to their technical and business related needs.

Who are you outside of Difrent?
Outside of work I am the same as Jamal at work x10 on steroids. I am an explorer, I love to read (1 book a month) I love the gym, I love to play football and I love to sleep. I reckon I am not a great deal different from when I am at work, I feel as though my work is my life in a way, It’s what I stand for to an extent, so I take it with me everywhere I go, good thing or a bad thing, we’ll never know..

I am heavily family orientated, being one of 12 it’s hard not to be, I also have a thing for art, music and lots of galleries, I am incredibly passionate and creative, I could easily make something out of nothing, so it doesn’t really matter where I am.

Who would you invite to dinner, dead or alive?
Myself in another life, I wonder what people experience when in my company. It would be nice to see what I project onto others that I am not aware of or can see.

Assuming that answer was cheating, I’d say: Malcolm Gladwell, he has this clear, succinct and systematic way of conveying meaning from vague, ambiguous situations, that’s right up my street. I love a thinker, and if you can wrap up beautiful cognition around beautiful rhetoric then I am sold.


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