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April 9, 2019


Jo Brown, Marketing Manager
Marketing Analyst | Social Media | Content Producer

What’s your background?
I’ve had a pretty varied background, to be honest. I’ve been a nursery nurse, a debt collector, an activity instructor, and a mature student amongst various other things. I got into social media work through the creation of my company, UK Mudd Queens. My friends and I felt there was a need for a network of women within OCR, a space to ask all the female-orientated questions and a space to support and lift each other up. From there, I joined The Nuts Challenge, an 'old skool' obstacle course race held bi-annually for summer and winter! It’s been an interesting road from drifter to discovery.

Describe your role at Difrent
I currently sit as Difrent’s marketing analyst. I used to say that I play on social media all day, but that’s only a smidgen of what goes on behind the scenes. I’m most excited about how I get to find ways to highlight the excellent work Difrent do but also love celebrating members of the Difrent team and telling the world how awesome they are - we’re only as good as the values we embody!

Who are you outside of Difrent?
As I wrote above, I am part of a team that runs events for The Nuts Challenge as well as being a part of a fantastic network of women who turn the woman-vs-woman narrative on its head. The stories we come across and get to be a part of are incredible and humbling. I also act as a social recorder for OCR World Champs, every year in October. Adding to that, I’ve joined a voting panel that ranks international OCR athletes on a monthly basis.

From a non-muddy perspective, I co-host a podcast called Triggered AF and am currently enrolled on an MSc for Applied Positive Psychology.

My ultimate representation outside? Cats.

Aaaaaaand breathe!

*do note, I have ADHD, which means I struggle to say ‘no’!

Who would you invite to dinner, dead or alive?
This is really hard as there are so many! Ellen DeGeneres for the resilience to forge ahead with a purpose to bring happiness to life when so many turned their back after her coming out. Brené Brown to gush over the psychology of vulnerability and shame - her TED talk sparked a changed in ways of thinking that has led me to embark on personal discovery. Gabor Maté because his books on body, mind, and ADHD have been extremely thought-provoking. My pal, Oprah, just because….Oprah. But, ultimately, people I already know and love because no one makes me laugh harder, no one brings more joy than they do. Gush time over.


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