Our next chapter, we’re becoming TPXimpact

Rachel Murphy

by Rachel Murphy
21 September 2021

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After I came out of the NHS I built Difrent. I built the business that I couldn’t find when I  worked within the system. A business that actually did what they said they were going to do – taking user needs into consideration and designing services for the future.

In the 4 years that Difrent has been trading, we have had over 250 people work with us in various guises to help us deliver for our clients.  People that join us do so because they are looking for a home and a slightly unusual one at that! I’m incredibly proud of how we have differentiated ourselves throughout.

I’m equally proud of what the Difrent team have achieved, personally and professionally over the years. 

  1. We have designed, built and now run services for the NHS, with the NHS jobs platform
  2. Our team built a service for HMPPS where prisoners apply for housing benefits 13 weeks before they leave, which has had a direct impact on reducing reoffending
  3. We rose to the challenge laid down by NHSX during the pandemic and built the home testing service for COVID-19 service, going live in just 8 days
  4. Partnering up with The British Psychological Society to transform a historic organisation using a data-led model

12 months ago I sold the business into Panoply, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Difrent team secure key roles in the new business and continue to deliver and delight our clients. 

The heart of Difrent has always been its people, wanting to make a difference, driving equality and diversity. I believe now, as I did 12 months ago, that TPXimpact offers up a good home for our people to expand their experience and knowledge.

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