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Jo Brown
July 17, 2018

Long Game

It’s like watching England play 442 long balls, it’s super boring, right? To wait something out. To not see immediate results. Maybe, micro-actions aren’t your thing 🤷‍♀️ but short-term situations seem to be fostering impatience, an inability to build over time, perhaps a penchant for casting aside those that aren’t onboard as soon as your call to action is verbalised.

What do we want?
When do we want it?
NOW goddammit or hell hath no fury like a change bringer on social!!!

The reason I’m writing this is that I found myself somewhat frustrated yesterday by the want for positive change but the lack of willingness to accept that some people…

These peeps who like things the way they are comfortable, they get something out of it. Change is uncertainty and risk, and some egos are not prepared to give up the old ways of working.

So, let’s suck lemons for a sec. How about cultivating and nurturing what you’ve got, now this will take some resilience on your part, but if you feel so strongly about it, surely you can last out the wait. Teach those around you and under you (if you find yourself in a hierarchy situation) about successful leadership, about how to stick to those values that the lifers think makes for a nice tick box exercise. Create your own team culture where ‘not knowing’ isn’t a failure (credit to Maike) — how can you fail IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Give people time to catch up to where you’re at. It’s not fair to ask someone to be straight up onboard with you if they’ve lived different values for the majority. They need time to process a new way of thinking, of doing.

Being the change you want to see is cliched as hell but by building upon micro-action after micro-action so that when those lifers that are set in their ways have separated from their beloved posts, you’re ready. My old pal, Oprah says, ain’t no luck just opportunity meeting preparedness (legit, I’m aware that she didn’t come up with it). Maybe forcing square pegs into round holes isn’t what’s needed all the time (note I am good for a social rant and protest from time to time). Maybe build quietly (kind of like how Gilead did in Handmaid’s Tale, and that shit got brutal quickly, or the Russians) so that when opportunity knocks, we’re prepared and ready to hit positive change and values out of the park.

As frustrating as the long game can be, why not? In a time where the Western world feels super uncertain for which way some rights are going, we still need passionate, unapologetic people to lead the positive change and values, to challenge stereotypical workplace passivity. No reason why you can’t be playing short-term gains into your long-term goals.

Side note — great event OneTeamGov, I applaud your efforts.

Written by Jo Brown Difrent

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