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Oct. 27, 2020

Podcast Episode 2: Conducting User Research During a Lockdown

Take a listen to our User Researcher's, Merissa Brown, Erin Grey, and Steven Palmer as they talk to Randal Whitmore about what it's like to conduct User Research during a lockdown while working on the NHS Jobs platform.

Hear about the inevitable tech woes that become part and parcel of the experience as well as asking the big question - has User Research helped in delivering on the project?

01:06 Organisations we’re working with but is it more about the candidates?

04:00 What are the problems we are trying to save and the vision of the project?

07:35 Is this project saving money going forward? Is the process the same for every organisation?

09:00 How has User Research helped in delivering this project?

14:44 What are the User activities that you carry out for projects like this?

25:10 How much in-person UR did you do pre-Covid and what does that look like now?

31:12 Key challenges of remote testing (Hawthorne effect)

37:07 What’s been the most surprising finding?

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Read Remote user research: our team's lockdown experiences

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