Podcast: Interoperability and the tech debt hangover


by Difrent
27 March 2021

< 1 min read

The interoperability conversation continues in this episode as Randal is joined by Rachel MurphyHassan Chaudhury, and Professor Sultan Muhmud. Listen as they discuss in this podcast: interoperability and the tech debt hangover, renegade Trusts, and what organisations are looking for on an international level.

00:55 Rachel’s role within the programme

05:50 How long the NHS Digital role lasted

10:29 How you get started with a programme of this size and delivering outcomes

13:35 The first big win for Rachel during the programme

14:50 Memorable challenges and overcoming them

22:10 The pandemic and point solutions

22:50 Things to consider when undertaking such a programme

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