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Darren Lynch
June 24, 2020

How we’re preparing for the new BAU beyond COVID-19

Preparing for the new BAU beyond COVID-19

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Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone that read my blog on 8 simple tips for running lessons learnt sessions.

I know in the current climate it’s hard to find time to read non-essential documents with all the additional roles we’ve taken on whilst in lockdown. Everything from becoming Carers, Hairdressers, Teachers, IT Support and more.

In this blog post, I will be sharing what we’ve been doing to prepare as a business for returning to work in the new business-as-usual (BAU) beyond COVID-19, whatever that new BAU might look like once the world emerges from this.

CRISIS management mode

First of all, some background. When it became clear how serious this outbreak was becoming, we quickly went into CRISIS management mode.

We put steps in place to keep our employees and clients informed on what we were doing and planning to do moving forward.

If you read our Change Director Daniel Leakey’s blog post on 6 Steps we’ve taken to prepare our team for COVID-19, it details the key elements that our Senior Leadership Team implemented during CRISIS management mode.

The transition phase

Once lockdown commenced, we moved from CRISIS management mode to the transition phase.

In this phase, I was tasked with managing our COVID-19 planning. This consisted of bringing together a road map of all the things we as a business thought could be affected by the pandemic during lockdown and how we would handle them.

This included:


Discussions took place on mental health and wellbeing, furlough, working hours, remote working capabilities, our customers and more took place with SLT, HR and our team.


With finance, it was about Budgets, Forecasting, Grants, Rent & Leases on our business premises and more.


This was about the collaboration tools we as a business, and our customers, are using during the pandemic and beyond. Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Miro, Trello, Jira, Slack and many more.


This was about how we would communicate to our team and our customers on COVID-19 updates, and what information we would deliver from the huge volumes of information that was available.

We constantly discussed and managed all of the above on a weekly basis. At the time of writing this, we are still effectively in the Transition Phase.

We are planning for the new BAU and what that might look like, but until we are out of lockdown we will adjust the Transition Phase, based on the government recommendations, with constant reviews and updates to the areas we’re working on.

So what's next?

Image: What's next?

The new BAU

In order to plan for the new BAU beyond lockdown and the hopeful demise of COVID-19, we still need to consider all the areas under the microscope in the Transition Phase (People, Finance, Tooling and Communication) but we also need to consider if as a business we will operate in the way we did pre COVID-19.

With that said, within the new BAU planning we are also looking at additional areas such as our policies for remote working, onboarding, and recruitment.

We are looking at our office space, the size of our team, the requirements for social distancing, and the effect these decisions will have on location.

We are also reviewing what our current and potential customers and partners are doing in all these areas.

We are planning for the eventuality that social distancing measures will be removed and expect the new BAU will change again at this point as businesses will need to adjust premises and working environments accordingly.

We are looking at our overarching business strategy and sales and marketing strategy as these will most likely look fundamentally different to how they were pre-COVID-19. With one-year, three-year and five-year plans, the one-year plan is broken down into a 16-week rolling strategy and shifted right on a weekly basis.

I myself am attending webinars with business leaders almost on a daily basis, getting insights into what different sectors are going to be doing and how they are planning.

I'm also trying to gather that insight in order to help Difrent as a business, which in turn should benefit our customers and partners.

In conclusion, there is a lot of work involved in trying to get our business in the best possible position coming out of this pandemic.

The Transition Phase within Difrent will continue until the government decides to remove more of the restrictions that they have had to place upon us.

We can only plan for what we think the new BAU will look like, with the hope that our plans lead us to a bigger, brighter and safer future.

If you have any questions about this blog post or you want to reach out about how to prepare your organisation for the new BAU please feel free to get in touch.

Written by Darren Lynch – Business Change Manager @ Difrent

Twitter: @dazzaly



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