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Rachel Murphy
July 9, 2018


It’s that time of year when school sports’ days are popping up all over on family calendars and reminds me of the relay and hurdles races from when I was at school. It was always a risk of being able to grab that baton at just the right time and the right point and get over those hurdles ahead on the track. It’s a little bit like this for us at Difrent, who are demonstrating our digital transformation athletics’ skills to deliver a Beta version intranet for Public Health England staff. Having picked up the baton from Nomensa UX design agency, after they delivered the discovery and alpha phases, Difrent are steaming along to move towards the next handover point from Beta version to live — all within the next three months!

Fortunately for the team at Difrent, I k­­now Nomensa CEO Simon Norris well and gained an insight into their research, so was already ‘on the right track’ in understanding how to move on in delivering a Beta version intranet tool to support Public Health Engalnd’s work on strengthening a collaboration culture across their organisation.

PHE Intranet2.png

Picking up where someone left off is always a challenge, particularly overcoming hurdles such as working across sites (suppliers in London and Warrington and client at Wellington House, London), getting access to existing intranet systems from the outside and building up knowledge quickly, all whilst keeping up with progress across the project workstreams and interacting with many stakeholders in the organisation — definitely needs stamina and staying power, which we have in spades. The team has left the starting blocks and is pushing ahead with building functionality in parallel with validating and refining user and client needs and wants. Ambitious? Yes. Achievable — absolutely! This agile methodology is proving fluid enough to ensure client needs are met quickly but focused enough to make sure the deadline is always in sight and the baton firmly gripped — there’s no letting go until the next handover point in the race.

Written by Rachel Murphy, MD Difrent Delivery