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Vika van Tuyl

by Vika van Tuyl
10 April 2020

4 mins read

“Difrent being tech for good at heart is an extension of how I operate.” – Rachel Murphy

The way Difrent moves through the world is exactly that – tech for good.

Doing good to add value to those that use it gives our teams an incredible feeling. How could it not?

With every piece of work we set out to deliver, it’s always with the User in mind. We don’t grab hold of an idea and run with it regardless.

We purposefully dig into who the Users are and how the Users interact with the service.

Digging in is the only way to understand what good they see as well as the problems they encounter.

User research session with Rob Edwards & Shannon Heffernan

How do we dig in?

We have a great team of Researchers, Business Analysts and Designers that conduct regular sessions with Users to understand their journey and lay the foundations of where our work will take us.
But we don’t stop there; throughout the journey, we test our assumptions, iterate, improve and continue to check with the User community to know we’re on the right track.

We’re ALL about feedback. Iterate, iterate, iterate!

Feedback is integral to our work and that’s why we have such a diverse range of skills and experience in our team digging through the detail.

We know that one lens is not enough for a frame of reference. It takes people with different ways of thinking to navigate through it. User-centred design is core to our ways of working.

That’s why accessibility is incredibly important to us and we will “keep banging the drum of accessibility” and learning from everyone for many years to come.

“We’re doing things that matter” – Zoë Gould


We are sure of this!

Our work speaks for itself, and we’re proud of everything our team has done and will continue to do. We’re putting people first and it shows.

Yes, we need to keep the lights on, we’ll be transparent about that. However, having the honour of building platforms in partnership with the likes of the NHS and helping the membership organisation, British Psychological Society, to become more efficient in everything they do for Psychologists and the wider study of psychology is indescribable.

Recently, Difrent and NHS BSA team have been recognised for their work by the HTN Partnership awards and Leading Health Awards.

We couldn’t be more proud of how the teams have blended together in such a way that when we depart, we have every confidence in not being needed any longer – that’s our preferred legacy.

Difrent & NHS BSA Team

It just gives us all immense satisfaction to know that we have delivered positive outcomes, through our focus on tech for good, with our partners who operate at the heart of helping to improve society and people’s lives.

For example:

By transforming their digital workspace, fundamentally streamlining ways of working, we enabled Public Health England’s 1000’s of employees, to deliver more consistent and higher quality outcomes. Giving them all significantly improved collaboration and more efficient information and knowledge sharing tools.

The NHS, the fifth biggest employer in the world, commissioned us to partner with them to make the NHS Jobs platform easier, smarter and quicker. A new system to improve both the user experience and time to hire across all departments. Needing to cater to over 3,400 organisations with over 576,000 new candidate accounts per year; in excess of 4 million applications a year for 380,000 vacancies.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) asked us to analyse the effectiveness of the UK’s involvement in their worldwide programme: Be He@lthy Be Mobile (BHBM). Through our extensive network, we engaged with leaders at the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS Digital, NHS England, Public Health England, Sport England, the Open Data Institute and The Local Government Association.

The WHO commission team told us that it was “the most insightful report that they had ever received”. More importantly, it helped them to shape the future direction of activities within the BHBM programme in the UK; to get more citizens more active more often.

Right now we are halfway through a 10 week Discovery into Social Care Recruitment for The Department of Health and Social Care. They want to reduce the 50,000+ person deficit in social care workers across the UK. Ultimately: they want us to explore with them whether or not making it easier for people to find and apply for social care roles will solve this problem. At the moment candidates for care have to navigate a process that involves various care providers, numerous sources of information on ‘how to’, and disparate recruitment tools and processes across the UK.

We could write and talk all day about what we’ve done and what we’re doing but what’s salient throughout is tech for good is at the heart of our values here at Difrent.

“if we’re not doing things for people then what are we doing it for?”

Check out our Tech For Good video here

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