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Tom Butler
Feb. 27, 2018

Thriving in Uncertainty & Change

I was asked ‘Why does my approach to coaching work?’

I have overcome many personal and professional challenges; struggling from one job to another, unfulfilled, undervalued, unknowing how to find the right place to contribute and make a difference; wrong place, wrong time. To then be valued, accountable, motivated and making a difference. Those years have given me great resilience, experience, understanding and empathy; not only to myself but also towards my clients. Most often clients are not fulfilling their own capabilities.

tom butler

I am rigorously honest in my coaching about who I am and what I can do and therefore I do expect honesty in return. Unless we are discussing what is really going on: fears, anxiety, anger, resentment, frustration, ambition, hopelessness etc., our success will be limited. I value Emotional Intelligence. I coach you to adapt, flex and change; to be more resilient and indeed to not only withstand uncertainty and chaos but also to gain from it. I focus on getting to the root of your problems and the role you play in it. I want to get stuck in and look at what is preventing you from succeeding individually or corporately. My work links to your responsibilities and accountabilities within your organisation.

I am not interested in solution-focussed transactional models of coaching, I want to hear what is really happening for my clients. My expertise is to engage at a deeper level to discuss the person as a whole and instigate longer term development for you while benefiting the organisation.

I am genuinely motivated to help you ‘be your best’ within the constraints of your work, though I am not promising to ship out Supermen. I get such a kick out of helping clients connect their thinking, realise their value, resolve issues, get clarity, make big decisions and mostly be able to be still… to stop and think, that is where the magic happens. Also, are you making sense of what you do? why you do it? and, what do you really want?

The payback for me is: watching clients adapt and recognise their behaviours, develop, get motivated and work through complex, high-value problems. Helping clients solve their problems, gain a sense of simplicity and clarity, and a confident outlook on their business, then I am delighted!

I have worked in over 25 organisations both public and private, small and large organisations, NHS to defence; none of these phases me and I am fearless of change.

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