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Rachel Murphy
Aug. 14, 2018

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We were asked recently on Twitter why are we called BeDifrent and typically I did an off the cuff response. It got Jo thinking, and she asked Steve and me to pen a blog explaining why we wanted to call our business Difrent.

We debated names some time ago while I was contracting for Difrent and needless to say there were some ludicrous suggestions, mainly from me :))) Difrent sums up who we are personally and is a taster of the company we want to create.

We had to undergo a name change, which in itself presented us with an opportunity to create an actual brand. We then gave thought to what it was that we wanted our brand to stand for, to represent. At the time we were expanding our services to go beyond recruitment. We appreciated the recruitment space was fast becoming a saturated market.

That said, we also understood the way services were provided in our market has remained pretty much the same for many a year. Effectively, all much of a muchness. We wanted to make a change to this, to be seen as offering something different. For our clients to view us as a different entity that stood out from our competitors. We thought long and hard about the way we wanted to provide services: what this would mean for our clients and consultants alike. We aspired to create a fundamental paradigm shift. To pioneer a new concept and way of working. The impact of which generates something both externally and internally for ourselves. That was merely the beginning.. (watch this space!)

Difrent is a wordplay on wanting to be ‘Different’. BeDifrent spins off that, i.e. Be Difrent, Think Difrent. Somewhere we can dare to be different, as the world seems to be plentiful of ordinary.

Dr Seuss once posed the question: Why fit in, when you are born to stand out?

At Difrent, we want to be different because in part we are. That also enables us to create a culture that attracts people from all walks of life that are great at what they do and can challenge the status quo to prove it.

Difrent for me now represents an individual approach to working and living, it’s about trying new things, working in different ways, really being able to be yourself, I couldn’t care less what people wear, how they look, what their nationality is, race or sexual preference. I often say in interviews that people can work from the moon providing the job gets done! I want to create a business where people really want to work, be the company I want to join.

Personally, I always felt hamstrung in work environments, and that does make me act out! I’m sure it is a kickback from having very controlling parents when I was younger. I asked Steve about an earlier blog I was writing when I joined Difrent, I think it was about my sobriety, and his response was you should be proud and shouting it from the rooftops. I learned to regulate myself from that statement. Steve is very much my rock! This is a bit soppy, but I didn’t know how our roles would play out when I joined as I am desperate to be in charge. Joining Difrent has made me more comfortable in my own skin, I am listening more, I have gone back to basics in the first six months, playing a number of ‘doing’ roles on client sites. This I think has made me much more comfortable to take the CEO role within Difrent at the end of the year. I genuinely didn’t know I was emotionally stable enough until I had a business partner like Steve (pass the sick bag I know!).

Now I am allowed to be Difrent, I need to make damn sure that I don’t become more mainstream than I ever have been before 🤗 And help others do the same.

Rache Murphy & Steve Dhillon

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