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Rachel Murphy
March 13, 2018

WTF is Digital: Part 1. Digital Diary

wtf is digital pt 1

During a fantastic meet with a new contact last week, I was sharing ideas about how to make Digital a reality to people, let’s face it, Digital has to be the most overused term in history and it means something different to every one of us!

The example I gave when trying to explain Digital to someone who was right at the start of the digital journey was to make it real, apply it to the individual if people can relate in some way, shape or form they tend to be able to see the similarities rather than the differences.

I used the example of my Digital Diary, its one I have used before, not for some time granted and I found it interesting (slightly disturbing myself) to see just how much more I relied on Digital, but back to the diary!

It’s worth saying, I work in Digital, have a highly addictive personality, LOVE being connected and almost certainly overuse this stuff. BUT, if you were to spend 10 mins jotting down your interactions with anything Digital over a couple of hours I expect you would see similarities unless you are chilling in a hammock somewhere on a deserted island, and then you really are a lucky sod 😎

Fri 23rd Feb 2018 (6–10am)

Any longer a period of time and this would be boring as sin and likely not suitable for publishing without edit!

Interactions with digital numbered below;

  1. My alarm wakes me at 7am, highly unusual as I’m often up and raring to go from about 5ish but it is a Friday so obvs my body/mind needed a lie in
  2. Sense activated lights come on when I head into the bathroom (Kaze/gnashers etc)
  3. WhatsApp my girlfriend messages and made her a GIF with my new toy (Samsung 8)
  4. Did some Yoga whilst playing shamanic music courtesy of YouTube and danced around like a mentalist, well it is Friday!
  5. I did some more research into a ‘turbo trainer’ so I stand some hope of being ready for the Ride 100 later this year!
  6. Then, Googled a hippie retreat in Spain (some irony about this desperation to be disconnected!)
  7. Used Spotify to play some old skool R&B
  8. Twitter & LinkedIn over brekkie (get out of the cupboard and eat cereal, a robot doesn’t bring to me)
  9. Checked my Email to look at stuff that came in after 8pm last night (I do knock off email from 8pm)
  10. Almost continuously use WhatsApp for both business and personal (installed thick client onto Mac as well) and check in with family WhatsAppgroup where my parents are sharing pics of their Caribbean cruise (whack my heating up!)
  11. Client meeting using Appear.In (blows Skype out of the water)
  12. Book an eyebrow wax using Treatwell app for later in the day
  13. Check Tube planner to make sure I can get over to Old Street
  14. I would often use Uber but sacked it off today as I had time to walk to the Tube and it was a beautiful day (mindful I have a 3-hour meeting inside an office coming up, fresh air needed)
  15. Listen to Spotify on route to the Tube
  16. Blogged on Tube as I didn’t have access to Wifi (this one actually!)

Reading this digital diary back I have mixed views;

I know I use it all way too much I work in Digital I love it I clearly think I am a millennial

And it makes me want to share a million ways I have helped companies across every conceivable sector, transforming people, processes and technology for the infamous digital transformation. For more info drop me a line and let’s get talking (Digital-use implied).

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