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The brief

Defra needed to reshape their operations after Brexit, when the UK left the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

We helped them transition to their new Future Farming and Countryside Programme (FFCP) – an eight year programme incentivising better farming practices, protecting the environment, and improving animal health and welfare standards.


Defra wanted to review how they designed and delivered services in order to ensure the success of the FFCP.

They wanted to build awareness across their teams of how things currently operate, identifying the technology, processes, and relationships at work. This would help uncover opportunities and challenges that needed to be considered when delivering the new programme.

Wardley Mapping was the best way to do this, as it brought people from across their organisation together to collaboratively map their operations in detail. During the pandemic. Remotely!

Wardley Map
Remote online Wardley Mapping


Over six weeks, we worked with 150 individuals across the FFCP community at Defra.

Our first step was to train their teams in Wardley Mapping, helping them to understand the value of this process and see that they could apply it internally in future.

We then carried out a series of workshops and interviews to map both the current and future states – as far as they were known – of operations within environmental and agricultural policy, making recommendations for how to transition from one to the other.


  • Built awareness of Defra’s operations across their teams and highlighted key challenges they needed to overcome.
  • Identified a potential delivery approach which would deliver greater collaboration with other agencies, improve data flows, and provide economies of scale.
  • Trained Defra’s teams in Wardley Mapping, giving them the skills to independently carry out this process in future, providing a useful tool for their ongoing long-term organisational strategy.
  • Provided a solid, evidence-based foundation for the programme to build on.

This partnership will help us map out what we have, what we are going to need, and what needs to change, improve or stay the same.

Photo of Janet Hughes

Janet Hughes
Programme Director, Future Farming and Countryside at Defra

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Danielle Hendy
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