Transforming recruitment for the entire NHS

The brief

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) needed a transformation partner to help rebuild their NHS Jobs recruitment platform, which handles all recruitment for the NHS (the world’s 5th largest employer).

We worked side-by-side with their team to deliver a quicker, easier and smarter service for people applying for roles across the NHS, hiring managers, and recruitment staff.


The NHSBSA wanted to deliver their vision of encouraging and hiring the right people into the right NHS roles across the UK, through the most accessible and efficient way possible.

Whilst their existing service handled 4 million applications per year for 380,000+ vacancies, the recruitment experience needed to be more user-friendly and accessible for job applicants and hiring managers.

The NHSBSA also wanted to make the NHS Jobs services as cost-efficient as possible.


Rachel Murphy and Zoë Gould looking at a board of post it notes
Member of the team writing on post it notes


We deployed a multi-disciplinary delivery team to design, build and deliver the new NHS Jobs service through Discovery, Alpha and Private Beta phases.

We began by clarifying the NHSBSA’s vision, goals, and user groups from workshops with project stakeholders at their offices in Newcastle.

We carried out user research during Discovery, to understand the needs of job applicants and hiring managers, and created a findings report to inform solution prototypes in the Alpha phase.

We conducted a Wardley Map of potential technical solutions for NHS Jobs which informed build vs buy decisions.

During Alpha we prototyped potential solutions for usability testing and defined the service’s scope, which we’re building using open source technologies during Beta.

We’re currently in Private Beta, enrolling 1000s of GPs and Trusts to use the platform for all future hires.

Image of the NHS Jobs Beta service


  • 6,000+ GPs and Trusts across the UK are hiring through the new, improved platform.
  • Identified and clarified user needs to inform and steer the service.
  • Concluded that designing and building the platform using open source technologies was more cost-effective than off-the-shelf licensing models.
  • Passed Alpha GDS service assessment.

Difrent shared our values of being collaborative, adventurous, energetic and reliable in terms of the deliverability of what they promised to deliver.

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Darren Curry
Chief Digital Officer at NHSBSA

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