Win against all odds

(it’s a real high!)

5 things you should know about the way we work…


We are partners

When we start working with your organisation we truly commit. We get in on the ground floor and we share in the responsibility attached to your success. We are not there to provide a ‘one and done’ service. Yes, we will revamp your digital footprint, but we won’t just leave you drowning in code, backlinks and tech-speak. We’ll train up a team that can manage all of that stuff for you once our time together is over.


Transparency is fundamental.

We have no patience for office politics, closed door meetings or ‘need to know’ nonsense. We are here to do a job and that means being up front. Honesty and integrity are two things we value in our own team, as well as every client team we partner with.


Innovate or die.

Well, not literally. We’re talking more of a slow-burning, ‘in the eyes of the public’ death here. But you get the point. We’ve got to look future-ward if we’re committing to affecting change in the world (and we are).


Meaning matters

We could, in theory, work with any kind of business in any kind of sector… but we don’t. The passion and the purpose prevail. We are here to make a difference in whatever way we can. Whether that’s globally, nationally, or on an individual basis is irrelevant - we want to do good in the world, and we do that by partnering with organisations like yours.


We reward good work

Difrent is a meritocracy. We believe in celebrating the extraordinary effort our team puts into every project, and that’s an ethos we’ll bring with us to your offices, should you invite us on board.

Case Study

Organisation wide digital transformation, development of new website and services with
NHS Digital

NHS Logo

Difrent, working to transform public and private sector organisations for public good.

NHS Digital’s Empower the Person programme has been to completely transform both its operational capability and public offering through the NHS.UK programme and the NHS app.

  • Users are able to get more help outside of physical appointments by using digital services and assistance
  • These new services will reduce the burden on the front-line of NHS services, reducing footfall into A&E departments
  • The three-year change programme has delivered significant improvements operationally for NHS Digital but also in both the offering to users and the NHS services behind them
Click here to read the full case study.

Case Study

NHS Jobs

Development of NHS Jobs with
NHS Businesses Services Authority


Difrent works with public and private sector organisations dedicated to inspiring positive change in the world.

Simplify recruitment: enabling the NHS to get the right people into the right roles in the best and most efficient way possible .

‘Development of NHS Jobs’ with NHS Business Services Authority

  • Reduced frustration and saved time (for both candidates and recruiting departments), meaning that everyone feels more engaged and in control.
  • Caters for 3,400+ NHS organisations and over 576,000 new candidate accounts per year.
  • Mobile friendly - vital as 50% of users surf the net on mobile devices.
  • Cost-saving, by reducing hiring times and negating the need for 3rd party recruitment.
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Case Study

Public Health England

'Beta Digital Workspace' with
Public Health England


Smarter, streamlined working across the board.

‘Beta Digital Workspace’ with Public Health England

  • Operational time savings across the organisation.
  • Improved user experience and consequent increased engagement
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Case Study

Kier Ltd

'End User Computing Service
Transformation' with Kier Ltd


Supercharge response times and increase efficiency.

  • Reduced call resolution times (and therefore reduced costs)
  • Ensures flexible service that will adapt to future organisational changes
  • A new team has been recruited, on-boarded and fully trained to use the system
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If you’d like to talk about how Difrent could help change the game for your organisation, please feel free to hit us up with an email to our guy, Ben.