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This video was created by two work experience students while with us over the summer of 2019.

The background

The NHS Business Services Authority commissioned Difrent to complete the alpha phase to improve the service to support recruitment throughout the NHS - incorporating a GDS Alpha Assessment and readiness for Private Beta.

The challenges

The overall vision and aim of the service is to get the right people into the right NHS roles in the best and most efficient way possible.

The Current Application process is frustrating & time consuming with an inflexible architecture with no ability to improve.

It's not able to render on mobile devices and 50% of users utilise mobile devices.

From a hiring point of view, the existing Jobs 2 platforms functionality is not sufficient to meet HR needs.

The existing platform needs to cater for 3,400+ NHS organisations and over 576,000 new candidate accounts per year.

There is excess of 4 Million applications from candidates each year
for 380,000 vacancies.

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The benefits

By reducing the time to hire, we will create large savings across the NHS.

By providing an excellent user experience, we will negate the need for NHS Organisations from paying for 3rd Party suppliers to supplement recruitment technology.

By engaging with candidates and pulling them into the recruitment journey, we will help to attract the best possible candidates for roles.

A better experience for candidates will allow them to feel more engaged and in control of their recruitment journey.

The solution

Difrent was awarded the alpha project, which has focused on building, testing and iterating numerous prototypes of what a new recruitment service tool could look like. We split the work into a series of sprints which focused on a different aspect of our user journey that were identified in discovery. This enabled us to cover a broader scope and look more closely at the competing user needs we identified. 

During the Alpha phase we began working on a fully-functioning prototype of the application. This started with the development team building a version of the application form. In total, the Alpha phase consisted of 14 fortnightly sprints, with the UX/BA team continuously deploying working Heroku prototypes and user stories into Jira, going through peer reviews and sign off by the Product Owner. Each iteration was then put through user testing and improved where possible to make sure that it met user needs.

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