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Empowering People

We’re reducing the pressure on NHS services by supporting the shift from reactive treatments to preventative, digitally-enabled health management.

We’re reducing the manual effort involved in triage and diagnosis for common scenarios through home testing and digital self-triage services.

We’re making it easier for UK citizens access NHS treatments from anywhere in the world.

NHS.UK website on smartphone

Empowering workforce

We’re helping the NHS attract the best possible staff by transforming how they recruit around the needs of job seekers, hiring managers, and supporting staff.

We’re doing the same for the Social Care sector.

We’re improving collaboration between health sector staff through user centred digital workspace solutions.

Image of the NHS Jobs Beta service

Empowering decisions based on data

We’re unlocking historically siloed data to help improve patient outcomes across different settings, enabling true interoperability.

We’re improving the collection and utility of actionable data to enable evidence-based decision making.

We’re bolstering research and care recommendations through large scale trend analysis.

Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set data visual

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