Turn your best ideas into requirements for building or buying and configuring digital products and services.

We help your best ideas become requirements for building or buying and configuring digital products and services.

Once you’ve got a clear idea of the problem you’re trying to solve and a tested solution, you’ll want to bring it to life by building it with a team of developers and designers or buying an off-the-shelf product and configuring it to your specifications.

We help you do this through our Beta service.

This often involves:

  • developing your service’s minimum viable product (MVP)
  • testing deployed code
  • iterating the service based on qualitative and quantitative user insights
  • integrating with other digital services
  • seamlessly integrating with non-digital aspects of your service
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Our approach

Beta projects vary depending on what our clients are trying to achieve, the environment they operate in, the needs of their users and much more.

We carry out a variety of activities with our clients during Beta, such as:

  • refining, prioritising, and delivering user stories
  • defining and delivering your service’s MVP
  • accessibility testing
  • full stack development
  • user research
  • content design
  • UI & UX design
  • service design
  • continuous usability testing
  • implementing service analytics tools
  • analysing user behaviour data
  • security testing
  • building and testing integrations
  • using or building flexible platforms

We work in true partnership with our clients to deliver successful Beta services that work for their users.

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Common outputs

At the end of Beta our clients have a fully functional service deployed and used by their real world users, which can be iterated from user behaviour data and qualitative insights from user feedback.

Common Beta outputs include:

  • a functional, integrated digital service
  • data and feedback on real world service usage
  • backlog and roadmap for continuous development beyond MVP
  • agile development and deployment processes
  • flexible and scalable platform for future services

Many of the products and services we deliver with our clients go through GDS assessment. We proactively prepare our clients for GDS Beta service assessments throughout the work we deliver during Beta.

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