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Help your users understand how to intuitively use your digital products and services through user centred content design.

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Content design is an important part of our service delivery methodology which takes place throughout Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.

Many organisations have a tendency to publish content that is more focused on what it wants to say than what the user needs to know. This makes content difficult to understand and act on.

This can result in frustrated users who cannot find the information they need or complete the tasks they come to user services for.

Our content design services help avoid this by basing content decisions on user behaviour and what users actually need.

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Our approach

Our highly skilled team of content designers carry out a wide range of content design activities for every project, such as:

  • understanding user needs and how content can support them
  • understanding how users engage with different content mediums and their capabilities
  • analysing existing service content performance
  • understanding readability of existing services
  • prototyping content for usability testing
  • iteratively improving content based on user behaviour data and user feedback

It’s important to us that the services we design are accessible to everyone in society, and that our approach is inclusive of people with access needs from the start. We therefore make sure that we involve a diverse range of users when designing and testing content for new services, including people with accessibility needs.

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Common outputs

Content design outputs vary for every project depending on the type of service being created, the channels preferred by users and much more.

Some common service design outputs include:

  • content standards and style guide
  • understandable and actionable content in various formats
  • intuitive services and improved user experience

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