Learn enough about the problems that your users face to create ideas for potential solutions.

It’s important to understand the problem that you’re solving before committing to buying or building digital products and services in order to reduce the risk of implementing the wrong thing.

We help you do this through our Discovery service.

This involves learning about:

  • your users and what they’re trying to achieve
  • constraints you’ll face when making changes to how services run (e.g. technology or legislation)
  • underlying policy intent you need to address
  • opportunities to improve things
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Our approach

Discovery projects vary depending on what our clients are trying to achieve, the environment they operate in, the needs of their users and much more.

We carry out a variety of activities with our clients during Discovery, such as:

We work in true partnership with our clients to deliver the best quality Discovery projects, helping set them up for success.

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Common outputs

At the end of a Discovery our clients gain a clearer idea of what the problem is that they’re trying to solve, the people it affects, and an understanding of what’s currently in place and how it’s performing.

Common Discovery outputs include:

  • user needs and user journey maps
  • user personas
  • empathy maps
  • initial solutions hypotheses
  • risks, issues and dependencies
  • technical architecture documentation
  • project vision and goals alignment
  • as-is service blueprints
  • Discovery report and Alpha recommendations
  • strategic outline case

Discovery projects are bespoke and you can learn a lot depending on what you want to know from the outset.

Got a project in mind?

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