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Difrent Live service

Once you have a functional service being used by people in Beta state, you’ll need to make sure that it’s well-supported and continuously meets the naturally changing needs of your users throughout its life.

We help you do this through our Live service.

This often involves:

  • scaling your service for higher volume usage
  • continuously learning and understanding evolving user needs
  • iterating and adapting the service to changing user behaviours
  • analysing user behaviour data
  • continuously improving service delivery and deployment practices
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Our approach

Live projects vary depending on what our clients are trying to achieve, the environment they operate in, the needs of their users and much more.

We carry out a variety of activities with our clients during Live, such as:

We work in true partnership with our clients to manage, support and continuously improve their Live digital services, ensuring they continue delivering value to users.

service analytics
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Common outputs

Throughout Live, our clients run high performance services with high availability for all users. They also future proof their services through iterative, continuous improvement – based on evolving user needs and data.

Common Live outputs include:

  • a robust, highly available and high performing service
  • successfully scaled services meeting the needs of many users
  • continuously improving service, adapting to meet users’ needs
  • high quality user behaviour data
  • sustainable long-term service delivery practices

Many of the products and services we deliver with our clients go through GDS assessment. We proactively prepare our clients for GDS Live service assessments throughout the work we deliver.

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