Service design

Design the end-to-end journey of your service to meet the needs of your users and achieve the goals of your organisation.

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Service design is an important part of our service delivery methodology which takes place throughout Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.

Ensure that the service you’re creating is truly user-centred by putting human needs at the heart of your design process.

Our service design services are completely tailored to the needs of our clients, their users and their projects.

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Our approach

Our highly skilled team of service designers, user researchers, UI & UX designers, content designers and visual designers carry out a wide range of service design activities for every project, such as:

  • mapping “as-is” service processes, workflows and user journeys
  • designing “to-be” service blueprints
  • running co-design workshops with users and stakeholders
  • desk research
  • ensuring the delivery of holistic services
  • iterating service designs based on emerging information

We ensure that the services we deliver are truly user-centred by putting human needs at the heart of our design process. We take a holistic approach to service design by ensuring we consider the needs of all service ‘users’.

It’s important to us that the services we design are accessible to everyone in society, and that our approach is inclusive of people with access needs from the start. We therefore make sure that we involve a diverse range of users when designing new services, including people with accessibility needs.

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Common outputs

Service design outputs vary for every project depending on the type of service being created, the channels preferred by users, the stakeholders involved and how they prefer to be engaged, and much more.

Some common artefacts we produce from service design include:

  • “as-is” service process maps and blueprints
  • “to-be” service blueprints
  • process maps detailing user journeys and touch points between different user groups
  • user stories for design and development

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