User research

Find out what your users need, what challenges they face, what motivates them and more to ensure your service provides value.

user research

User research is an important part of our service delivery methodology which takes place throughout Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live.

Understanding what your users need will help reduce your risk of building the wrong thing and ensure the success of your service.

Our user research services are completely tailored to the needs of our clients, their users and their projects.

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Our approach

Our highly skilled team of user researchers carry out a wide range of research activities for every project, such as:

  • semi-structured interviews
  • field studies or observational research
  • focus groups or participatory workshops
  • surveys
  • usability testing of services
  • diary studies
  • card sorting
  • call listening and/or contact centre shadowing
  • guerilla research

We use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to build up our understanding of the different perspectives of users, the problems they’re trying to solve and their context of use.

It’s also important to us that the services we design are accessible to everyone in society, and that our approach is inclusive of people with access needs from the start. We therefore make sure that we involve a diverse range of user research participants, including people with accessibility needs.

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Rachel Murphy and Zoë Gould looking at a board of post it notes

Common outputs

User research outputs can vary depending on the situation research is being carried out in, how insights will be used / need to be communicated, the stage of development your service is at, and much more.

Some common artefacts we produce from user research include:

  • user personas
  • user journey maps
  • empathy maps
  • set of defined user needs

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