UX & UI design

Create intuitive user interfaces and experiences across your digital products and services through user centred UX and UI design.

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UX and UI design is an important part of our service delivery methodology which takes place throughout Alpha, Beta and Live.

Our team of interaction designers, content designers, user researchers and service designers work together to design and test the best ways for users to interact with services across various channels.

Our UX and UI design services create intuitive interfaces and experiences that enable your users to achieve their goals.

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Our approach

Our highly skilled team of interaction designers carry out a wide range of UX and UI design activities for every project, such as:

  • understanding user needs and how different interaction elements can support them
  • using and creating design systems
  • designing user centred interfaces across various channels
  • designing prototypes for usability testing
  • iterating designs based on user feedback and user behaviour data
  • ensuring all interfaces are accessible to all users and WCAG compliant

It’s important to us that the services we design are accessible to everyone in society, and that our approach is inclusive of people with access needs from the start. We therefore make sure that we involve a diverse range of users when designing and testing user interfaces for new services, including people with accessibility needs.

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Common outputs

UX and UI design outputs vary for every project depending on the type of service being created, the channels preferred by users, design standards and principles we must work with, and much more.

Some common UX and UI design outputs include:

  • user centred design standards and systems
  • scalable design style guides
  • user interface prototypes
  • intuitive service user interfaces and experiences

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