Positive disruption - it’s the route to innovation. We’ll say it as it is…

When digital ability in your organisation is poor, or unfocused, or unforthcoming, every area of the business is negatively impacted, from procurement and implementation of tech assets, to delivery of services and customer satisfaction.

Tech advancement is not going anywhere; it’s not a passing trend. Nor is it a fad that has no real value in the real world. Your willingness to adapt to these changes and implement technology in a focused, strategic way is what will support the differentiation of your business in the marketplace.

Digital delivery is not a commodity.

Digital transformation is the key that will unlock the door to:


Streamlining your working methods across the board


Maintaining an irresistible reputation


Boosting efficiency team-wide


Saving money on staffing, clerical errors, and more


Attracting a more engaged customer base


Improving customer attention (once you’ve hooked them!)

Difrent is known for all of this.

What unites us is our passion for challenging old paradigms and creating organisational transformation. We love to show our customers a better way to work. We love to contribute to society. We love to deliver a positive impact on people’s lives. There’s a whole lot of love in this room.And if you’re not yet convinced by our glory, here’s what some of our network have to say:

“engages as a partner and not as a supplier, they do not pressure-sell and they work collaboratively”

“[has the] ability to make unthinkable, yet amazing, things happen”

“solved the breakdown of comms between leader teams”

“passion and vision from the top - dedication to positively disrupting the norm and challenging the way things are done”

“[has the] ability to single-handedly create opportunity”

“we value working with partners who are that (partners) and do not see themselves as suppliers, partners who align and share our values and approach”

“I am enthused by Difrent’s approach to the customer and people above technologies”

“dedicated and passionate about delivery, working in partnership with us - we have a shared vision for the future”

What makes us ‘Difrent’

Our promise is to partner with you as you challenge the status quo so that, together, come what may, we can deliver a positive impact for the public good.


The real question is, are you committed to revolutionising the industry and future-proofing your organisation? Get in touch via email and let’s talk about how we can support you with that.