Disruptive, purposeful, titans*

Difrent is, in a nutshell, a strategic collective filled with digital transformation specialists. In other words, we help flip your organisation on its head so that innovation, creativity and excellence become synonymous with YOU and the world-changing services you provide.

And like we said up top, we’re disruptive, purposeful, titans.

Disruptive: We are big advocates of healthy debate because that is where genius is born. We may be unorthodox in that we give everyone a voice and operate with 110% transparency, but hey, innovation is all about challenging the status quo.

Purposeful: We are passionate about working for the public good, and that’s why we choose to partner with organisations who focus on meaningful work - initiatives that impact the lives of real humans, and not just bottom lines.

Titans: We’re bold. We’re audacious. We stick to our guns. When we get involved we bring passion, we bring revolutionary thinking and we bring the BEST.

Believe in Difrent (we believe in you!)

We are not a faceless entity shrouded in corporate speak, we are a collective of creative pros here to provide the very best tech-enabled business transformation to public and private organisations alike.

We have a clear identity, a clear ethos and clear values, and we will bring them to the sandbox every time we come out to play, but that does not mean we’re operating from a ‘my way or the highway’ position.

We are not a supplier that pops in, delivers a service, then stops answering your emails. We engage in true partnerships with every single client. What that means is that we share in the responsibility and the rewards. We forge unbreakable relationships with your team so that they have the confidence to take the reins back (and still get the results).

We are wildly committed to helping you do your best work in the most efficient, accessible, forward-thinking way possible.

We have a dream, a song to sing…

(Joke. We are not ABBA fanatics.)

But we really do have a dream.

We chase what it means to be the best, because we want to create growth, progression and industry dominance for organisations that contribute to society and deliver a positive impact on people's lives.

We want to show you a better way to share the work you do, to boost efficiency, to save money, to improve customer attention and to inspire your audience. And all of that happens through embracing digital transformation.

Do what matters. Look forward. Be Difrent.

Meet the gang

Every single member of our handpicked team is committed to making the unthinkable happen for your business. We are known for getting personally invested and creating long-lasting, lucrative relationships with each of our partner organisations. That’s what makes us so good.